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Balance and Enlightenment!

Everything is balancing. Nature is in a constant state of balancing, of changing. Read More

Master Yu

What is a Good Spiritual Teacher?

The traits of a good spiritual teacher Maybe the question is what do you want in a spiritual teacher? For me it’s a teacher that has firsthand knowledge of what they are teaching, one that tells you the truth. They don’t hold back when you are going down a destructive path. They are quick and Read More

Lotus Flower

Golden Dharani Lotus

This beautiful golden lotus flower appeared during our 2012 Continuation Dharani Class, the day Zanze Pandit Enlivened the Mahabodhi Temple statue. Read More

Debra in Golden Vest

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,
It is my hope that this blog reflects a higher thought, one you will feel the expression of long after you read the words. Words that will reflect a world of endless vision, light and wisdom beyond the human acronyms we so love to spout. Words that do not speak over you, but within you Read More