Balance and Enlightenment!

Everything is balancing. Nature is in a constant state of balancing, of changing.

Karma is the law of balance. The divine equalizer of unbalance, cause and effect… Humans, as a whole, spend lifetime after lifetime trying to find some sense of balance. Nature in all its perfection is in a finite dance of the balance of form. Our attachment to our identity keeps us locked into the state of chaos. Striving for and desiring more, wanting more, “needing” more.  These struggles limit our ability to balance ourselves, our lives, our world.  The results is our current reality, full of fast-paced and constant distraction. This imbalance has lead us to our current state of addiction.
Let’s go back to the beginning. Within the vast volumes of many holy writings, there are endless examples of human addiction to form; to what we see, hear, taste and smell. What we see we desire. What we hear we yearn for. What we smell we crave and what we feel we lust for… all of our senses keep us wanting more. Our species has survived through adaption, thus increasing or decreasing the senses for survival.

As our sense of self evolved, so did our egos. As our most basic needs and desires were fulfilled, our “needs” shifted to finding ways to ease our burdens. Using tools comes to mind, along with our willingness to invent machines or anything that gives more freedom. This desire to unburden ourselves leads to a host of imaginative thoughts and new creations resulting in our current world of instant gratification and over stimulation, and thus increased unhappiness.  The disapproval of one’s own place in the world is attachment to the senses, which activates the emotions, that activates the desires. This is the cycle that we continuously live, but once we gain a fuller knowledge of ourselves there is the challenge to detach and let go.

What would happen if we just let go? The first thing that comes to me is inner judgments, and all the what ifs, and whys… the questioning that constantly disrupts our peace of mind. Yes, maybe a bit of fear, of my structure, my identity is being threatened, along with all my accomplishments going unnoticed. What am I if not the sum of my thoughts, desires, labels, and accomplishments?
Take a minute and think about the concept of letting go… close your eyes and just try and release the ideas, thoughts, and conjectures you have put in place about yourself, of what and who you think you are. Breathe in the vastness of nothingness. What comes up for you? Are you even willing to go there? Most cannot. The task is not difficult.  What’s so difficult about closing your eyes and asking a question? Nothing really.  It is, however, difficult to challenge the concept of self because if we do, the unknown starts to emerge…the vast non-conforming unstructured, emptiness of the nonlinear world.  Where thought meets formless, and what pray tell lies beyond this point?

Enjoy the read, be at peace and be willing to be challenged. As always… Be the Light!



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