About Debra


Debra Becker has been dubbed “the Compassionate Psychic-Medium” by friends and colleagues. Her psychic readings are delivered in an open and compassionate way; she is uniquely empathetic and can channel inspiring psychic messages from personal guides and the angelic realm. She has been told her abilities as a medium are extremely accurate and healing, the personalities and spirit of loved ones can actually be felt throughout the connection as the messages and information are being conveyed. Debra has been lecturing, facilitating group’s workshops and meditation groups for many years.

Debra has opened for Sonia Choquette and Joan Borsysenko, and has co-hosted multiple shows with John Holland.

“After working with Debra Becker – I can honestly state that she is one of the most compassionate, kindest, and accurate mediums that I have worked with. She truly works from her heart. I am still trying to figure out where she hides her wings!”
–  John Holland,
Psychic Medium and Author