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Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

It is my hope that this blog reflects a higher thought, one you will feel the expression of long after you read the words. Words that will reflect a world of endless vision, light and wisdom beyond the human acronyms we so love to spout. Words that do not speak over you, but within you…These words are only a manifestation of the formless experiences within my practice, spiritual visions and timeless communication.   I’ll be it a meager attempt at communicating an experience without the words to reflect its greatness…its grandeur. Not my greatness and grandeur, but the greatness of us all, the heavenly enlightened wisdom and grandeur of the Universe and the great masters whom reside in it. The living, awakened, sentient world we all straddle daily.

These meager attempts of “Communication Impossible” are only my words… my experience and conjectures. There will be quotes from others…masters, philosophers, friends and enlightened beings. My familiarity with them will not always be physical… With creative license as an intuitive medium, these words will encompass my experiences and spiritual encounters. It may not always be spelled out clearly, but always it is my sincerest attempt to reveal and share a transcendentally conscious dialog.

Pictures will be attached to my blog from time to time from my trip to China, maybe even writing more about my experiences of China and the charm of its people. This amazing trip reflects my year of my transcendence. This was a trip of purest discovery. Self-knowledge and reflection was difficult and trying, but it was only made possible by my willingness to make the leap of change. Traveling halfway around the world, away from everything I considered to be “normal”, purely based on a notion that this was my destiny. It was my fate to meet, be taught, and, follow the loving guidance of Dharma King Dechan Jueren, Master Yu my beloved Guru.

Let me say that when you are embarking on a spiritual practice, it is helpful and encouraging to get a knowledgeable and trusted teacher. This hasn’t always been my understanding, but if you have some simple instructions on your path you will find the journey much more enjoyable and unobstructed. The law of karma, that we are all subject to, will reveal the many issues hindering our progress. When you have the backing of highly attained spiritual teacher these road blocks will be an easy run around. Without it however, your practice may be impeded by the emotional, physical and environmental conditions that we are all subject to balance.  

Finding an enlightened teacher isn’t always easy, but it is essential when it comes to navigating your spiritual growth. There are many paths within the polarities of our existence. The knowledge of an enlightened master can give you the road map to your spiritual freedom.

My search was unmistakable when I asked the right question. My question was simply, where or who is my teacher? My living in the flesh teacher? It felt necessary that I have a living flesh and blood teacher…. as my psychic skills could only get me so far. My navigation of them had run its course and there were so many questions unanswered. Many in the metaphysical communities/ teachers and such were more than willing to give me advice. Hell, I was even one of them… but no one could answer the hard questions about life and its unfair random selection of rich verses poor, or sick verse healthy, and why we were born into such conditions? All the information gathered was surface and within my own human means to accept and fathom.  My search required more depth of understanding within the outreaches of form, beyond my current wisdom, insights, and, understanding.

My story will be told within the blog. It is a story of dark shadows and hidden courage. All wrapped up within a maze of misunderstandings, and misjudgments, lost friendships and new beginnings, the death and birth of self. It is my hope that these personal stories give meaning and a sense of the truth in nature, of our brightest innermost light, and self-initiated power.  I’ll be honest, or at least as honest as I can be, given my language and current understanding.

Enjoy the read, be at peace and be willing to be challenged. As always… Be the Light!


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