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What is a Good Spiritual Teacher?

The traits of a good spiritual teacher
Maybe the question is what do you want in a spiritual teacher? For me it’s a teacher that has firsthand knowledge of what they are teaching, one that tells you the truth. They don’t hold back when you are going down a destructive path. They are quick and eager at the onset to help you to avoid a very difficult situation and course-correct.
A good teacher has navigated the waters, and has the course clearly mapped out, emulating the results a student seeks. Spiritual information is a very intangible medium. One that is navigated through the ethers, but is made real through effective clear communication. Spiritual communication is not based on language or materialism, nor do spiritual teachers need degrees to give wisdom to their students. There are many Enlightened Masters in history who are illiterate. The communication I’m referring to is high wisdom in spiritual matters, and the teacher or master should be vested. They should be able to move you with their attainment and their presence. They should have a solid knowledge of the world beyond. True spiritual language comes in the form of sound and light, and a Master has the tools to instruct the mastery of spirit. This is not taught in a university.
A strong empowered teacher can merge with a student. This skill is very important in esoteric matters, especially when teaching higher states of consciences. Navigating these higher states can test the student’s mental capacity and create some discomfort and even severe insecurity. This creates a foundation for the student to safely learn and work through the discomfort and insecurities. By Western standards this is a difficult concept to understand, because the material world is held in such high esteem. Our culture is built on the merit of a manmade infrastructure backed by universities and degrees. Years spent in lecture halls with little time actually doing. Not to mention the true experience of the professor. Fame, “success” and cleverness is valued beyond one’s ability to see and extract from things unseen.
Real spiritual Masters can even be physically experienced just by being near them! You can feel the essence of a highly attained individual as you meet them. You can actually have a physical reaction such as a tingling sensation on your skin or a sense of euphoria. Your mind may also become more clear. This clear space is called a mandala. I will talk more on mandalas later…

Thank you for reading, be at peace and be willing to be challenged. As always… Be the Light!

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