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Please be patient with us as we continue to work on and improve the site.  We don’t have the online store set up yet, so if you need to schedule or pay for a session, please give me a call.  My number is in the image above, and at the bottom of this page.  Also – if you’re looking for the monthly Dharma schedule, please select the Dharma Schedule link above.

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Bill and Debra


Debra Becker is a psychic medium, meditation instructor, spiritual counselor, Rieki Master and angel-intuitive. Her psychic readings are delivered in an open, loving, and compassionate way. Debra is uniquely empathic; she can connect clearly with loved ones who have transitioned into spirit, contact your personal Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. She effortlessly bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual world. Debra’s gifts bring perspective and inspiration to those requesting her assistance. She has been told by many that the personality and spirit of loved ones can actually be felt through the connection as the messages and information are being conveyed. Debra’s life experiences have brought a deeper understanding of compassion within her.  Since the passing of her son Kristopher, she is committed to helping other parents heal through a spiritual connection and open communication with their children.

Debra is fully committed to higher consciousness and inspires people to become spiritually empowered. Her calling to serve on a greater scale prompted her to create the Psychic Mentorship program; a program to assist individuals in exploring and opening their own intuitive gifts. She has also created an internationally distributed meditation CD entitled “Meditation, Tool to Higher Vibration”, which is designed to guide one into deeper states of consciousness.  Her uniquely-designed Chakra Energy Anatomy poster provides insight into the different chakras and their functions. Debra is a workshop facilitator and leads monthly meditation classes. She also hosts an “Evening of Spirit” where she will connect with deceased loved ones and deliver messages to select audience members. Her willingness to be available to people has pointed her in the direction of radio once again. Debra has over 25 years experience in broadcasting, public relations, communication, and marketing. Debra has been the opening speaker for Sonia Choquette, Joan Borsysenko, and John Holland. She has also appeared on several spiritual talk shows including Lights On with Nancy Lee and the Dr Pat show in Seattle, as well as bi-monthly appearances on a local radio station.

Debra’s commitment to the Divine in us all radiates from the very center of her being. Her love and admiration for humanity and the environment is demonstrated in all of her divinely inspired actions. Debra is a leader in her field.

To schedule Debra for an interview please
e-mail: debra at debrabecker.com or call 970-690-6234

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